Asus Zenfone L1 Live/C11P1709 Ticon Good Quality Battery

  • Brand : Ticon 
  • Model : C11P1709
  • Compatible Model : Asus Zenfone L1 Live
  • Battery mAh : 3040mAh
  • Material : Lithium Ion

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Asus Zenfone L1 Live/C11P1709 Ticon Good Quality Battery

The Asus Zenfone L1 Live features the C11P1709 battery from Ticon, a trusted brand renowned for its high-quality Android mobile batteries. This robust battery ensures uninterrupted performance, offering a long-lasting and reliable power supply for your device. With Ticon’s cutting-edge technology, the C11P1709 is designed for durability, allowing for extended usage without compromising your smartphone’s efficiency. Whether you’re gaming, browsing, or staying connected, you can count on this battery to provide consistent and efficient power management, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a superior Android mobile experience with the Asus Zenfone L1 Live.


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